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I write a tribute to my uncle and namesake, 2391 Pte Moses A.C. Ingram.
A brief history of Germany during the stated period.
Three famous men, seen as great heros who were more destructive and whose legacy is questionable.
A tribute to my mother - One of the great influences in my life.
One hundred years ago, a young student committed a murder in Europe which set off a chain of events that led to World War I. One author tries to see why what happened then is relevant now.
History has always been repeated and by our involvement in the Mid-East today is just another example of how history repeats.
TThe Foreign Debt commission was set up to enable the western powers pay their debt to the USA after WW I. The commission however achieved precious little and the war debt had to be written off.
The Civil War ended in the 1800s...but, the VA is still paying a Civil War pension.
At the end of World War I the USA set up the World War Foreign Debt Commission. This was set up by President Harding in 1922. The terms of the commission included re-negotiation of the loans for a more structured payment. The commission negotiated with 15 nations including the UK, Fr...
The Indian army contribution to the Allied victory is generally overlooked, but the Indian army played a significant role in the defeat of the Central powers. They also played teh major role in the push to victory in the Middle East and break up of Ottoman Empire
A young couple fall in love but complications arise with family members.
The consequences of war become all too real for the residents of a small community in outport Newfoundland and especially for one young woman awaiting the return of her soldier sweetheart.
Mustafa Kemal was a general during the First World War. He made a name for himself at Gallipoli and later became a general. His conduct brought him into the limelight. In the war itself his contribution was mediocre and General Allenby had the better of him, but it laid the foundation...
November 11 is Remembrance Day in Canada and here I remember my uncle and namesake Moses A. C. Ingram who paid the supreme sacrifice in World War I.
Every time when I watch it I feel touched. It's a real masterpiece and I highly recommend it.
At the end of the First World War, the Treaty of Versailles outlined “the responsibility of Germany and her allies for causing all the loss and damage” of Europe (Treaty of Versailles, 1919). However, it could be argued that it is far too simple to state that Imperial Germany was ...
About teenagers joining the army to fight in The Great War, how their excitment turns to fear as they march towards the trenches,
Interested in foreign cinema? A good place to start is French director Jean Renoir's treatise on the tragedies of war.
The balance of power may be maintained only when there are two powers in the world arena. Singular super power is not the solution to the peace of the world.
Maps and Chipper – Reading from the Front, Part 4. A Zeppelin out of control and a Dog at the wheel
Maps and Chipper – Reading from the Front, Part 3 - Continuing the story
A article talking about what is being sprayed in our skies.
The Resumption of the ;Great Game' (The Rivalry between the British and Russian Empires) After World War I
The Battle of Jutland is important as it was the last time large surface clashed in a naval Battle
Maps and Chipper – Reading from the Front, Part 2, Victoria takes a quiet walk
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