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How did Thanksgiving in America end up being in late November and why is it on a Thursday? There had been a long tradition of individual colonies declaring days of Thanksgiving, and after that there were states that celebrating on their own, but aren't almost all Secular Holidays from...
World War 2, 1939-1945, has a number of causes. Some historians argue that it was a mere continuation of the First World War, and the causes of that war should be looked at also. However, the real answers can be found in the period 1918-1939.
A real life spy much of whose personality Ian Fleming Used to Create James Bond
A brief military history of Italy during World war 2.
The Second World War was one that began in the 1930s. The Japanese had already occupied parts of China prior to 1939, but in Europe the war began in 1939. The occupation of Czechoslovakia was one step, but it was the German troop movements into Poland, which saw Britain and France dec...
It strikes this observer that America is loathe to apologize for any of its actions, not for its genocide against native peoples, not for its imposition of slavery, not for imprisoning Japanese-Americans, and certainly not for dropping two bombs that incinerated untold thousands on th...
America celebrates the Memorial Day on 25 May 2015. It makes us pass through the centenary memories of the First World War and the Seventieth anniversary memories of the Second World War. It may be a fitting thought at this occasion of this year’s Memorial Day to analyze why they sa...
An accurate and complete transcription of US Navy training video The Battle of Midway (1950), produced following World War II. Includes notes and related resources.
Obituary for Mary Doyle Keefe - she was the model for Rosie the Riveter.
These poem speaks about love war and world war, among the family.
2015 is going to be a major year, not only for its own self, but for its symbolic connection to other years.
Adam realizes that the world is changing and as World war II continues to rage in Europe he sees it effect even life in outport Newfoundland. The tragic death of a boy saddens the community.
The world can not stop thinking we can not master, and no human crisis we can not forget, as long as we do something we should keep in mind your own mind.
My first chance to be officially published was when I was taking a World War II class in Germany. I will be forever grateful to Professor Paul Rose.
Ted Williams service as a United States Marine. How it cost him four and a half years of his career in Major League Baseball.
Essay about how we are doomed to repeat history no matter what actions we take.
Pittsburgh never had it so good with the Spaghetti Warehouse, who offers a generous selection of lunch and dinner specials. Most of the lunch entrees and many of the dinner favorites are under ten dollars. The Sicilian Sampler is the perfect choice for true Italian lovers, and their g...
Telling Stories is one of our Family bonding activites. We enjoy listening to the Narrator, our Aunt, the sister of my mother. My Aunt was 14 years old during the Japanese invasion in the Philippines. My mother was two years old the, so she had no memory of the past.
Never sit on the front row of a comedy show. That's an important thing to know.
Too early for the spring fishery, the month of March was always a difficult time for those living in outport Newfoundland and the depression years were particularly severe.
Air Chief Marshal Harris is a name that will be long remembered. He introduced the concept of carpet bombing and was a ruthless man. perhaps he was slightly off mark, but his contribution to air warfare cannot be negated.
Japanese engineered the biggest battleships during world war II. Known as the Yamato class of battleships these weighed over 60 thousand tonnes. But their large weight made them slower in comparison to other ships and slowed down an armada
Two American ships taking military personnel to the newly built base in Argentia, Newfoundland had run aground off the Burin Peninsula with great loss of life. In this story a father and his young son come upon a body in the water.
The Bridge on the river Kwai was built by forced labor of British and Australian POws. However it was bombed by the allies and was not of significant use to Imperial army
A young English woman marries a Newfoundland soldier during World War II and later moves with him to the new land and to a new way of life.
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