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World is limitless.Mind has no boundaries none can ever contain it so is this world isn't it?
A short history of the Internet and how it came about
HTML is a programming language that contains the command to the browser that has been installed on the client computer, HTML stands for Hyper Text Markup Language, HTML documents in a pure text file that is created by any "arbitrary" in this case the process can use any editor like no...
In this digital age. In this super fast day of social media and interaction. it is worth remembering that we are all human.
World football 2014...It was a treat to watch the World Football Cup for 2014
The world tomorrow..The eventualities of life can't really be ignored by keeping ones eyes closed
Twenty years ago, something happened at CERN: Tim Berners-Lee handed a document to his supervisor Mike Sendall entitled "Information Management : a Proposal". The following year, the World Wide Web was born. Now you can revisit the first website ever!
Oftentimes, we want something until we have it. Then, we need it. Getting it, in the first place, is the challenge to most of us. WE wish, hope and pray - but do those things bring about the change(s) we seek?
If you’re planning to build your own website – the first thing that you would think about is the niche or the theme of your website and then you would have to determine which web address you will use for your website: Is it by using a Sub-domain or your own Domain name?
Cybercrime! one the proper thing to watch out, did you safe from cyber criminals ...?
The standard definition of multimedia is any presentation that involves by two or more media, such as texts, graphics or sound. Multimedia makes exciting because users can choose their own path through the presentation.
On an average, there are about 5 million entries on the web using such terms/phrases at a time. When a surfer searches for such a term/phrases, all these entries may be made available to him/her by the search engine, with only 10/12 entries per page. Thus, for every such search, the e...
As many third world nations, Jamaica's entry into Cyberspace was neither measured nor encouraged and so hacking was survival
How has the internet changed my life? Let me count the ways.
No doubt, children suffer most from the cost of poverty. Children, more than ever before are homeless, and are often turned away by public schools because they lack permanent addresses, proof of age and immunisation records. They can hardly find the next scrap of food to eat.
The analysis by classification is the type of analysis wherein things are separated into groups or being classified. It takes things into their groupings which are also regarded as the unit’s real component.
The site offers fun and entertainment to people from different walks of life. Through the use of the site, you can be able to socialize as well as to communicate with your friends, wherever you are or wherever they are. MySpace as well as the other networking sites also allows you add...
First, it involves with the user entering the search queries. Second, the software of the search engine will going to crawl the millions of web pages that are available in the internet and find a match for the particular search. Third, the search engine will going to display the searc...
Although Internet is a great help in research, we cannot guarantee the accuracy of all information that we can retrieved. The Internet has no editorial or review board, no information fact checker and no quality control. the quality and validity of the information that we get from the...
This page outlines some of the common dangers in internet security today, and how to protect yourself. This article can help secure your personal information
We stand at the edge of a great precipice, do we cringe back, into our ignorance, or leap to our destiny?
How to Delete Your Browsing History in Mozilla Firefox
Hope you enjoy another one of my runescape guides Please visit often as i update pages, tell your friends
For the power it wields, Twitter is one of the simplest and, i think, most elegant Web sites for mass communication. The interface makes interacting with other people some you already know and others you’ll meet incredibly easy, and it cleanly organizes a lot of information.As you ...
A rumination about Google and the future of the world wide web.
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