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God promised to never leave us or forsake us; He promised to love us and be there no matter what. This is in honor of that love!
Paradise is a "normal" world. It is the cultivation of the species which regulates and proves whether or not it exists as a world of paradise. - Uthrania Seila Sentana-Ries Cortez
The Ancient Ram Inn possesses such a level of paranormal activity that the locals claim that there is a very real and chilling aura that is nothing less than menacing. Child sacrifices are a part of the building's history, and it is believed that one of the murdered children, known by...
Was it an hallucination or did I really visit heaven? This is the question asked by the experts whose patients experience such phenomenon. Near death experiences into the afterlife happen more frequently then you would expect. For those who believe, it is conformation, and for non-bel...
The word angel is derived from the Greek word Angelos which simply means messenger, and it is a spirit with no body. Guardian angels are believed to be intellectual by nature, powerful by will, and holy.
There are many concepts of God in the world but which concept is correct? This article tells which God is the only true God.
Many of us have had our own personal and unique experiences of how we found Christ, how we practice our faith, our relationship with God and our Christian Journey in general. I want to share this story. Not to judge or be judged but to share my testimony.
Every Christian knows that we should praise and worship God continuously throughout the day, for He is worthy of such worship and praise. Many Christians, especially those that are still babes in Christ are uncertain of how to go about praising and worshiping God outside of the formal...
Prayer is the key to everything. Prayer is communication with God Almighty, our creator. It is the way we as human beings thank God for the blessings, gifts and graces he bestows on us at every moment, the avenue through which we ask God to grant our needs, wants and wishes.
Light and darkness are disparate concepts yet the two invade each other's domain in such a way that the enlightened cast their glow on the unenlightened and the latter cast their gloom on the former... and therefore have the most cycles of (re)incarnation. - Jamie Sentana-Ries-Cortez
Do you know how much you have owed your parents? Please read and find out. Who helped you when you were kids? Merits of taking care of your parents are greater than taking care of ALL the almighty gods.
This poem depicts the on the activity of love turns into a worship-WILLIAMSJI MAVELI
A Hymn is an expression of worship. It is our gladness and gratefulness, acknowledging our own worship and the worth-ship of Almighty God, our confession of our own existence and life before our Creator, our bowing before his powers. Hymns are a celebration of who and what God is and ...
Most people all around the world, go to some form of church, or public worship every other day. Still, how many of those millions of people go to church to actually serve God? How many of them actually take something away from the services that can benefit themselves and their famil...
This article narrates an eye opening experience that revealed the importance of worshiping our Creator.
This article is an attempt to remind us that our relationship and daily walk with God is no less than a magnificent miracle. We must ask with Isaac Watts, “Would he devote that sacred head for such a worm as I”?
This writ has been taken from the book "The Mancharians' Newest Civilization" (Volume One). Mancharians who now touch on the concepts of prayer and worship, heaven and hell, sin and universal moral code. - Jamie Sentana-Ries-Cortez
This writ has been taken from the book "The Mancharians' Newest Civilization" (Volume One). We begin with a new session with the Mancharians who now touch on the concepts of God, the "Trinity" and worship. - Jamie Sentana-Ries-Cortez
The church is changing its purpose from that of the Biblical mandate. This article draws awareness to the errant course of the church in the world today.
We need money. We must strive to get money. But life is not for money only, we must be able to save our selves from darkness because of money.
When I first came to the Lord my Saviour - all I had to offer was my rags and regrets - but He accepted them - and changed me ... and there is always room for you too.... with Him .
On grounds that we are all gods and goddesses, the idea that any of us should be worshipped is abhorrent to the evolved mind, and for that reason totally rejected. We expect to be respected as we conduct ourselves honourably, but never worshipped.
You may be shocked to know that I was born in a house that had been worshipping snakes. We, being traditional Christians, could not live in that house for long. We had to leave the place. Snake worship can be found prevalent in India and other countries. Why do people worship snakes?
Have you ever felt like nothing you do is right? There is an solution in Jesus Christ.
Some facts why idol worshipping is not a right method for praying to God.
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