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But what came to pick us up was everything but her dad in a luxurious vehicle. It was their gardener in a dirty old pickup truck. The back being fully loaded with broken glass, tin cans and lintels. I did not want to sit there, so at the top of my lungs I yelled: "Shotgun!" And ...
There are times when we may do something we know is wrong - and it leaves a scar on our hearts like steps in new fallen snow - that only forgiveness can erase.
This is for the earth, rain forest, and elephants. Somethings go unnoticed when we are not standing in front of the danger, but we need to stop and listen to the message of the universe, and feel what all living things feel when we are so carelessly harmed. The pain can be unbearable ...
A short poem about how despair destroys the bearer- how despair leads to destruction of the mind, and then to hatred, and then revenge...
Here are some important tips to know in order to prevent wound infection.
So, don’t come.. I don’t need you to make me wound more.. To make me bleed more.. Just stay away farther more.. And that will be better more..
This Is What You Should Do In Case Of An Emergency: The treatment principles remain the same for any injury whether you gashed yourself open on a sharp rock, stick or a blade sliced you open: - try to control the bleeding as soon as possible.
When you experienced a breakup, people will often tell you, "time heals all wounds", but what’s your view on this?
Explores the relationship between the Moon's placement by house and aspect in the birth horoscope and how it relates to the 'mother wound' we carry.
The last time I shaved, I cut myself to such an extent that I recieved a month-old bloody scar. If you wish to avoid that, better follow these instructions or else you might end up in an even worse situation.
I was seized by a sudden flood of concepts and had to grab the nearest bit of scrap paper. The notes grew of their own accord into a rather interesting structure. It's lovely when months of writer's block are interspersed with occasional surges of inspiration. :) A bit of almost-Evane...
A wound may either be external or internal. It is break in a continuity of a tissue of the body.
This article focuses on care of a Brown Recluse spider bit. What you can do at home to treat the bite. What to look for and possible medical treatments.
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