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A chemical train wreck happened on April 20, 1996. My observations and feelings are reflected in my words. The trainwreck's chemicals covered miles of Alberton, Montana and surrounding towns. However, my home was ground zero.
I was simply bemused at how hesitant individuals can be in a given situation no matter how dangerous, as well as having all the facts to hand.
There are few things more disruptive and scary as being involved in a traffic accident. But there are things you need to do before it's too late to protect yourself, your well-being and your family. Keep a copy of this article in every vehicle and review it with your family and loved ...
A profile of Ric Flair and his brief stay in the World Wrestling Federation from 91-93
We make a decision to fight an UN-winnable fight; never considering those we affect by our decision.
Was windy! Auster brought rain to inhale, Incipient wetness descended in my sight; mist; the botswain gaped, manifest bale, so we were, expropriated in a windy blight.
This poem was written to document a life changing event in the author's life. She was the victim in a terrible car accident in high school and suffered severe physical and psychological injuries. This poem was written one month after the accident and was an attempt to cope with the in...
The Banshee sailing from Cadiz to St. John’s Newfoundland sighted wreckage where just a few days earlier The Titanic had gone down
Larnaca, Cyprus is home to one of the best wreck diving sites in the world, and here is a guide to exploring this fascinating underwater attraction.
A second poem I had given my then-boyfriend-now-husband.
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