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Leatherman is designed manufactures multi tool bracelet, that can used as multi tool like screw driver, bottle opener, wrench, hex drives, cutting blade Etc etc. It can be assemble and dis assemble and can be used as bracelet or with watch.
A profile of Ric Flair and his brief stay in the World Wrestling Federation from 91-93
~Larimer Street in Denver~it’s the place to be for the in-crowd, sports junkies, girls on the make~the haves pushed the don’t haves out years ago~it used to be skid-row~I liked it better then~spilled some blood there~not all of it my own~
I depart for Darwin the day after tomorrow, after having been in New Zealand for a month. These eight haiku convey how horribly I will miss him. The online world is wonderful, but simply doesn't cut it anymore.
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