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What would we mortals do without our legends and myths, A life without monsters, without curious legends, what would life be? Since writers are magpies, constantly on the prowl for sparkling ideas to line their manuscript nests, and there is no greater source of “sparkling” than ...
"What to write???" Is an article about the author trying to figure-out what to write about, and unknowingly writes about a few things.
A brief review of how I got started making money from writing for HubPages.
As you know, I am working as a freelance content writer. Life is going through a new phase of learning. From my own experiences and available content about Freelancer content writers in several website, I got these three simple rules for you.
One thing that we can all agree on is that the world of writing has changed forever. Gone are the days where only a few privileged writers are published. Today anyone can create their own Blog, yet quality is still a problem. For any 'professional' writer quality is important whether ...
I have a simple tips which can help you to write article faster. It's based on my experience while writing. Just spend 1-3 minutes to read this and learn how to write article within 15 minutes or less.
Texbroker is a website which allows online writers, to earn money from home by writing 400 to 500 word articles. It is also a place you can purchase articles, written by a dedicated team of authors.
Ever thought about writing a book of your own? Think you have got what it takes? why not try writing for StoryMash first. Work with other great writers and develop your skills, writing chapters for fiction stories.
Want to write? You have the new born talent? you are going to be the next star of writing world? you want fame?Then pick up your pen and give it a go. write what your heart desires... have these desires earn royalties. impossible? Not at all. Let the talent be cashed. i will show you...
These are high paying writing jobs online. You can get pay up to $100 per article.
I speak here of a site where I have a lasting experience to write articles and earn some good bucks. Hope you enjoy.
I have seen many people just read yet they cannot write a word .This poem addressses such folks
A great writer shares someones secret He is not a researcher but writer we all know.
Howtoee is a new revenue sharing site. It currently pays $5 per article and gives 100% revenue from Google Adsense. The site looks clean but I am having troubles with the drop down menus. It is hard to hover my mouse from left to right. I am also having troubles on how to pick what ar...
I have listed a summary of websites where you can earn a residual income, you can have a reliable paycheck and even though you wont make as much as you would from a passive income website it's still a good start.
Want to make cash online? Your at the right place!
How Wikinut could make you a better writer, it takes a long time to become a good writer this will show how wikinut can help
A few month ago, another writer here on Wikinut made the comment, “At least I don't write about 'toilet seats'”. The jab was directed at me because I had just done a DIY article on toilets and toilet seats. It was directed at me because that writer and I have a very adversarial re...
If you are a writer or an aspiring writer who also loves cats, then I Love Cats is the magazine for you. Lisa M. Allmendinger, the editor of I Love Cats, welcomes queries and submissions from unknown and unpublished writer. Lisa is always looking for new ideas and new “Voices” fo...
Do you live in the country? Have you ever lived in the country? Do you dream about moving to the country someday? Do you love the thought of living the country life-style? Even if you answered “No” to the first two question but can answer “Yes” to the second two questions, the...
If your passions are dogs and writing, then you have everything you need to start earning some good money. Finding major publications that are willing to work with unknown writers is becoming harder, but there are still some dog magazines that are willing to give you a chance to write...
Some tips for those who are preparing for interviews
what it takes to write a novel - tips and ideas - habits to employ
Why should you write factual articles? Because they pay more! Here is a challenge to inspire you to write a factual article. Note I have closed this to new submissions as of Jan 31, 2012. If you have claimed one and not finished it please do so and I will still add it.
Writing comes from heart and not for everyone to write quality articles on a daily basis.
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