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I have had writer's block for some time. I was thinking about stopping writing all together. Wikinut saved me from not writing.
What would we mortals do without our legends and myths, A life without monsters, without curious legends, what would life be? Since writers are magpies, constantly on the prowl for sparkling ideas to line their manuscript nests, and there is no greater source of “sparkling” than ...
one of the worst feelings there is......................
One of the greatest problems that writers face is what to do when the words dry up, writers-block drives some authors insane, yet there are always solutions and making notes when ideas strike may help you break through that roadblock.
"What to write???" Is an article about the author trying to figure-out what to write about, and unknowingly writes about a few things.
Writer’s block hits us all from time to time and at the moment it has got me in it’s deadly grip and just wont let go.
This poem describes the hard road that sometimes is necessary for artistic creation.
Just a little chat with the love of my life; my sweet, amazing inspiration. It is a fickle little monster but oh so lovely, that I can't help but surrender to its alluring and sometimes frustrating demands again and again...
People talk about being blocked creatively--I don't really have that problem,but I do have rituals that lead me on--into the interior of myself.
reason why sometimes I can not make a post some days
“Curiosity killed the cat, and satisfaction brought it back.” ― Eugene O'Neill
A poem written when I had writer's block. When in doubt, always write about writer's block.
“You can't be that kid standing at the top of the waterslide, overthinking it...You have to let people see what you wrote.” ― Tina Fey, Bossypants
Have you ever had one of those days when you see the words galloping around, but are unable to round them up to make a story.?
Do you have writers block? If so why not do something about it and change it around into something creative that you can write about.
Ever get writer's block? Here's what I did to get round it when faced with a deadline.
We don't get to read some of the great thinkers as they don't put their ideas on paper. However, if they were to channelize their thoughts through blogs, we would be richer. If you get started, it is not too difficult, to crystallize ideas into blogs.
Just some basic advance for the beginning writer, and a reminder to those who have been in the game a while.
Want to write a 'how to' book but don't know where to start? It's all here is simple to follow point form. Sticks I've used to write three published books and counting.
Learn useful tips that will help you get inspired to write, battle and cure writers block, improve your writing, publish your writing, and allow you to earn money from your writing...
If you are stuck and dont know what to write about anymore, take a look at this list.
A great writer shares someones secret He is not a researcher but writer we all know.
How does the Internet writer relate to their followers? How do followers/fans make all the difference! If you want to peek into our secret lives and also learn some very helpful writing tips, read on!
Tips and tricks to defeat Writer's Block and get you writing again!
Here are some things I’ve done over the years when I’ve suffered from writer’s block.
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