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In life we Grow and Go in our own ways, we are influenced by many, many things. Wisdom or the Lack of, is not to say one is not wise, just ill or UN-informed on specifics subjects.
What would we mortals do without our legends and myths, A life without monsters, without curious legends, what would life be? Since writers are magpies, constantly on the prowl for sparkling ideas to line their manuscript nests, and there is no greater source of “sparkling” than ...
Another job... another few cents. ARGH! This short-short was written for an assignment for my Uni studies but ended up being a reflection of my working life! LOL
What do you think the essence of writing is? What gives writers inspiration?
A few month ago, another writer here on Wikinut made the comment, “At least I don't write about 'toilet seats'”. The jab was directed at me because I had just done a DIY article on toilets and toilet seats. It was directed at me because that writer and I have a very adversarial re...
Reflections on a man's inability, to express his words aloud though they are written upon his heart.
Some tips for those who are preparing for interviews
A writer's name should be his or her brand. A “Brand” is how something or someone is recognized or identified, just as the cattle running on the open range were back in the day before barbed wire fenced them in. What comes to mind when you here the name Stephen King? Best selling ...
A Story Poem: A Ship and Her crew lost in the cold and dawning of the night. Their eternal frozen stand off with the King of the Sea for their trespasses.
Reflections about True Weights and Measurements. If there Is one thing our Lord GOD hates it is dishonesty for the sake of Monetary Gain. You can not serve the Lord and Mammon.
Reflections of a Cow: She is an old country Gal. That has taken notice of those and their lives around her. Told by the old Gal, as seen from a cow's point of view. One which is neither of these two.
Well Marketeers and Marketers are two different breeds in My Book. One is a Lolly Gagger and the other is a cut throat go getting S.O.B. Which are you and why are you? "Show me the Money!" Jerry McGuire was It? With Tom Cruise coin that phrase or brought it back to life? You got to ma...
Reflections of why friends and Business don't mix! Well maybe not in all cases, but in this particular case it was not a very gainful deployment for employment
Annalists analyze information technically with great care to understand what it is they are noticing, but yet some times it is the guy who stumbles upon and take notice of a specific out come that gets the credit for a discovery of great significance.
Way back when I first started in about 2003. Trying to earn here on the WWW I tried Direct Sales and knew little if anything about Landing Pages, Squeeze Pages, Hooks, and the Like. I do know a little more now than then, but I am not Selling Directly at this moment.
A story poem about a young Squire and his wife. After the King has falsely accused her of being an enchantress. The young Squire must turn the darkness of Knights', back into day. For all the willing Knights have failed.
The healing powers of memories and pictures stored. They say a picture is worth a thousand words and Oh how right they were.
Reflections of betrayal. Taking time to know the one your with could become a life or death decisions If you falter and cross a path they do not have upon their trail.
Poems of a Religious nature usually come from older and so called wiser people, who have either a strong faith or a new found faith or an old one they are now trying to use once again.
This is an article for writers who are looking for some place to publish their work online and earn money while doing that. Just checkout some of these site or all. You can write for multiple sites if you wish. I hope that some of these sites will help you on your journey and on your ...
Captain Caprivi could think of only one way to free a bayonet that was stuck like this, he squeezed off a burst of three rounds of 9 millimeter parabelum, full metal jacketed bullets into the dead terrorists chest, The lightning fast rounds cut through the gaping wound left by the bay...
Reflections on time lost.The past is buried, but yet it can not be forgotten. At least with out the aide of drowning a man and his sorrows. Cheap wine begins the absents of memories from time.
A Broken and damaged love, a fragile little girl looks up to find that fabled Prince Charming. A guy right before her eyes who has been there all this time. And suddenly she realizes it is true, Love truly comes to those who wait.
Poetry: Reflections of Life's progressions, the twist and turns, the beliefs broken, and then reaffirmed. Life is limited only by the Time it is allow to expend.
A broken hearted Father writes a Father's Day poem to himself. His hard hardheadedness, has cost him much more than he cares to acknowledge and yet...
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