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Your CV should have a small section where you describe the main skills you possess. This is a chance for you to write the main skills you feel you have that are applicable to your new chosen career path. In this article, we will discuss where you can find the necessary skills to discu...
Hi, Andre' Hartslief here. Today I want to share with you viewpoints from my wife, who has seen a few burgeoning moments in my writing career. She has seen the ups … the downs … my determination and desire to succeed … and how living the writer's life has been the best decision ...
a Writer has to face lots of challenges; hence, this article is about writing and its related specific challenge.
People write for different reasons. But for many of us, writing is a career, a passion and a way of life. We are lost when we don't pursue or craft.
Online writing sites are disappearing everyday, please save your work so that you don't lose anything.
This piece is about respect for fellow writers. When you use someone's idea, please cite the source.
Triond is a pay for content site, where you get supposedly make money for your content on a revenue-sharing model
Writing is a wonderful outlet for stress, joy and so much more. When you have a decision to make, simply writing your heart on paper can assist you in making the best decision possible. Writing is like therapy!
Article writers and illusionists are alike in that both need an audience in order to function. Illusionists need viewers and article writers need readers.
I have been seeing many articles on the above subject. I thought it would be in the fitness of things if I also give my two cents worth about the various sites that pay money.
ZoeTrope all story is a online fiction magazines. Many sites like this pay but All Story don't, this doesn't mean it hasn't got it's uses for writers. Other than the usual exposure writers can get writing with fiction mags like these, All Story has well paid writing contest's, online ...
The internet is full of online fiction magazines who will pay you to write short stories. Word Riot is one such site, only they don't pay. But money is not everything especially where online writing is concerned, and Word Riot has many other benefits besides being paid. Read on to fin...
An excerpt from a flash fiction series I will be writing. More installments to follow soon.
Writing has become diluted in the modern era of information overload on the internet; so many things to entertain us with. So many options. So many stories revolving that audiences may struggle to commit to one and see it through. Choose to thrive because of this, not in spite of this...
How many of us can sit down and write 100 things about ourselves? It sounds daunting but it is not hard. We lived on this earth for quite sometime so we have lots of ideas and inspirations to fall back on.
Some writers enjoy writing prompts offered by other people. I can write on any subject that comes to mind.
Writers write for different reasons, but are the things we write about reflective of who we are?
Why you are not going to make it, writing Online, without this information!”
Why did you write online? Is it your passion? Expressing one’s self thru writing? You want to earn money? For me, I just recently started to write online here at wikinut, because I got interested on the website and would like to try to contribute something that I’m interested in t...
I wrote this article as part of the requirement for a wonderful online course I took called "42daysofwriting." This course taught us how to write in the flow of consciousness genre letting my ideas flow on paper without reservation.
Content sites are a great place to write and act as a portfolio for further work. Bidding sites and established websites hire writers ona project basis and can help writers diversify their earnings.
This is step one in a series of how to return to freelance writing after a break. Returning to writing web content online takes some diligence and organization, especially if you haven't been writing for awhile.
This article provides some times for the novice writer as we all must go through the process of learning how to properly write articles for the Internet
This is another older article of mine, which I came across as I continue looking through my stories to publish here. Even though, the articles, are older, they still can be valuable for some people.
A satirical article about a place (site) plagued by internal conflicts and misadventure.
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