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The Philippine pride “4th Impact” made it to top 5 in this year’s “X Factor UK” as announced last Sunday (UK time).
two singers in love or just trying to guide the press to them, this is alex news.
Last weekend on X Factor, Sharon Osbourne tried to persuade Louis Walsh not to vote off her act Shelley. Was this the right thing to do, or should she have left him to make up his own mind? Read on to find out what I think.
If you are not happy with your present job, well, get a new one!!! Don't suffer from what you have that is not giving you what you deserve...
On Thursday 19th July I saw Momentous Musicals at the New Wimbledon Theatre. It was a celebration of songs from West End MusicalS, and it was led by Gareth Gates with full supporting cast. Read on to find out more.
It’s ten years since the British Pop Idol held the nation spellbound as to whether Will or Gareth would win. Read on to find out more. :
After a disappointing 2011, Simon Cowell has a new plan. Read on to find out more.
Shane Filan is the frontman of the Irish boyband Westlife.
Janet found herself in the sing off with Mischa B on X Factor last night. Read on to find out what happened.
Last week so many dramas unfolded on X Factor. Read on to find out more.
Frankie has left the X Factor. Why do we care so much?
With the Risk and Johnny going, the X Factor final is quickly approaching. But we're they the right two?
Tonight was rock night in the X Factor talent contest. Though the contestants are all of an impressive standard, another factor seems to be over shadowing proceedings; bullying.
Last night the public voted for the first time in X Factor 2011. Read on to find out who went.
The article highlighted the events of X Factor program in Sony TV held on 19th August, 2011, when Shreya Ghoshal's voting led Sanjay Leela Bhansali leave the chair of the judge.
With its two biggest stars leaving, can X Factor survive?
Katie has been in the bottom 2 for 4 weeks, and had to do the sing off. How much longer will she stay?
X Factor once one of my favourite TV shows is now fast becoming more of a turn off than a turn on thanks to the judges and than their constant arguing.
Shirlena Johnson has been axed from X Factor, and her dreams have vanished, but why?
X Factor is back, with a never ending stream of performers, all wanting to realise their dream of success.
A couple decided to adopt a child after being married for several years and not having any issues of their own.
Third World countries speak a lot about eradicating this treacherous disease but little is seen on the ground.
Information about the popular TV show, the X Factor. An overview of the format of the show, judges and past winners.
Depends on four major factors. Read through and succeed in interviews.
Read with an open mind and review what you read carefully.
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