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The 2000s were a decade in which 3-D gaming really came to the forefront. Sure, there had been some more limited 3-D game titles during the '90s with the 32 and 64-bit consoles, but such games were eclipsed by some of the exciting franchises of the 2000s. On all formats, great new fra...
The Xbox game console emerged as one of the best new consoles when it was released. This was partly due to its top game titles that gained many fans. The top games for this new console were considered some of the best on any format, and so the console soon became the best alternate to...
A review of Splinter Cell Pandora Tomorrow on Xbox.
A review of the original Splinter Cell game on the Xbox.
Halo is one of the greatest first-person shooter series. This article covers the history of the Halo franchise.
In this rant, Brian goes off about the plethora of remastered games being released for the current gen systems. None of the consoles are innocent - as all have committed the crime. He discusses examples from Nintendo's Wii U and 3DS, Sony's Playstation 4, and the Microsoft Xbox One....
XBox vs Playstation, this article shows about this war being pointless, and why we should stop arguing about it.
Brian reminisces about the top ten news stories regarding video games in 2014. Such topics include the DDoS attacks, Assassin’s Creed Unity, Destiny, remastered games, Xbox price drops, Watchdogs, Twitch, and more!
Smaller than a Playstation 4, but faster and more economical: Alienware offers once as Steam Machine announced Alpha-PC thanks to clever ideas many Console feelings from 500 € - albeit with some avoidable annoyances with the hardware.
More images per second worse distance representation: Techland update for Dying Light reduces the visibility and relieves the processor. On the PC, the zombie game still looks better than on the consoles where the Playstation 4 has advantages.
There are currently four companies competing for my business for entertainment and productivity purposes. Out of the four, there is clearly one loser, one winner, and two fierce competitors. Let’s take a look, shall we?
Read about the new character that will be on Tekken 7!
Need to profit playing feature amusements? Turn into a beta analyzer and get your bit of the billion dollar feature diversion industry!
Release schedule for new games is here. We highlight the important ones for you. These are all meant for various gaming platforms like PS4 and Xbox.
From scary to creepy to fun: Did the F.E.A.R. franchise lose it's namesake element over the years?
Xbox Games are for all ages. Xbox has many features that will make you enjoy it any where and any time.
Social media is the new way forward in judging the community size and target audience for the TimeSplitters series of games. Can a fourth one really become a reality due to a fast-growing Facebook petition and Twitter combo?
PlayStation three Xbox 360 Style 1-Player Action (Multiplayer TBA) Konami By Rebellion Release:Q4 2011
PC/ PS3/ Xbox 1 or 2-Player Platform/Racing Hello Games Release: June 8, 2010.
This is a review of the glitzy site of Liberty City. Packed full of clubs, guns and organized crime, the underworld of the Ballad of Gay Tony makes you work hard, and party harder.
This guide shows the procedures you could take to link your X-BOX to your PC.
My review of the ea sports title fifa 2012, i will look into gameplay, graphics and online game modes!
How I went from normal teenage-girl to crazy freaky FPS obsessed gamer geek girlfriend in under 11 years...
Game prediction of the upcoming game Assassins Creed Revelations. this article explores the features
The fantastical ramblings of an Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim spectator from the couch on a Monday evening...
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