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Xenophobia is a terrible thing and affects us in ways we don't realise. This is a story of my first-hand encounter with xenophobia.
There has been much fearmongering and Islamophobic ranting from Republicans and the religious right since the attacks in Paris, which is just what ISIS and other Islamic militants want.
Donald Trump, as well as most of the other Republicans running for the Republican presidential nomination are playing fast and loose with their tongues, and the results of their crazy talk have oftentimes been disastrous.
So much hate and vitriol comes at us from the right side of the political spectrum in response to today's current events. The right offers no solutions, just epithets, conspiracy theories, racism, xenophobia, hatred, insults, and abject fear.
How quickly we forget - America is a nation of immigrants.i
Australia was once proud of its international reputation as the Land of the "Fair Go For All" but this has taken a battering in recent years due to our government's treatment of asylum-seekers and refugees.
Racist "jokes" are only funny to racists, but I have a way of dealing with them.
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