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For some reason Mother felt sorry for Uncle Hazel and Auntie Shatri, and decided to invite them over for Christmas too, seeing as "their numbers are so thinned out". Whatever that means. I guess none of their family or friends, or not many anyways, want to spend time with them. Whatev...
The family are on Tower Hills for the festive time. The children seem to enjoy it on Tower Hills, as the different family members' children can now play with each other. "Snake!" shouts one of them, running to the adults to come and have a look.
this article shows how i felt in Xmas Day and hopes for good in the next year.
A brief insight into how Christmas came about and what the most common gifts have been over the years - in addition to what they might be in the future...
It is the time of the year where the shopping frenzy hots up.At this time,there are things you could buy that you really do not need.After the Xmas, you might want to regret what a waste of money. But, you can avoid that by reading this.
With holidays at just right at the corner,there is many activities that you might get involved in that could bring about fatigue.The food you eat during this fun filled period could as well affect your health. This article gives you practicable tips on how to manage busy holiday time.
In addition to popular destinations like the Dominican Republic or the Maldives, there are a number of other countries that are particularly in the winter months a visit.
10 reasons why I hate the holidays.No. It wasn’t until I got older that I grew to dread the entire last 2 months of the year.
Today is Christmas, a beautiful day, a great time, is the great occasion to thank and make a toast to happiness, friendship and humanity Merry Christmas to All
It is joy. Today is a special day. It is love. It is hope. It is faith. special day it is today
If you're into Christmas decorating but have limited budget, here are some tips you can use.
Brian and I have not been on Wiki for a while due to life circumstances but now, hopefully, we are back to stay!
Sitting on Santa's knee is just wasted on kids when Santa looks as great as this.. And I have been so very good too Santa dear... A somewhat tongue in cheek poetic frolic for the coming Festive Season..
Will you even look at selling your property at this time of year? Well, you will probably be shocked to hear, that there are individuals who want to sell their homes before or during the holiday period.
Yes Christmas is back, we have all been waiting for 11 months and now it has finally arrived again. I hope you are all getting in the Christmas spirit like me. Have a peak at this article to get you in the spirit. Merry Christmas.
If you like Christmas, this may not be your favorite article! But if you don't, please leave me a comment in the comment box about your thoughts! Thank you.
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