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Blog styled thoughts on this year end happenings, the tough cold weather that also gave me some bad health days, and coping with multiple stuff...
No, not everything was suddenly perfect. But that magical night, everybody felt a little happier and a bit more hopeful than before.
Last year, on the New Year Day I made some resolutions with all sincerity. As I look back and take stock of the year 2013, I find that many of my resolutions remain unfulfilled. These unfulfilled resolutions are standing in line and pointing accusing fingers at me.
2011 will be remembered as the year of rebellions as Arab Uprising and partition of Sudan took place .This year will be remembered as the year of peace, for the death of most wanted terrorist Osama bin Laden,the cheif of Al-Qaida .
I stand in awe so often at the amazing talent of Delicia Powers, one of our most prolific poets here on Wikinut. Delicia is our Queen when it comes to Seasonal Poetry...No one can quite capture the Seasons as well as she can, but this poem called to me to be written today...and ties ...
Our faith is much more precious than that of gold that will eventually perish, and that the end we seek through such trial the narrow way, which leads to the finding of praise, and glory at the appearing of Jesus Christ.
At this time of year many businesses are rushing to get the accounting closed and prepare for year end audits. Frequently this has demanded much data from the Information Technology team, yet is all this panic-like activity really necessary?
Doesn’t it seem like it was only yesterday when we were panicking over the Millennium and Y2K, and whether we would survive the ticking of the clock, and yet that was eleven years ago.
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