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No, not everything was suddenly perfect. But that magical night, everybody felt a little happier and a bit more hopeful than before.
its a poem for the end of the year, to say goodbye, to see new things to begin fill the final pages with joy this year.
It is a unbiased review of the newly released Indian movie
Every year, on the occasion of the commemoration of the anniversary of the Green March, many analyzes will re-emerge to share the importance of this event to the exceptional historic times.
Society is made or interwoven threads of culture built on religion and traditions. One such tradition is festival where people in the society come together to celebrate and make merry.
Year on Wikinut, a year of writing although I do need to do more. Looking forward to my second year on Wikinut and being more active.
Completing a year of togetherness with your special someone is an extremely special occasion that is tough to be expressed in words. The poem is a true depiction of someone's feelings on completing an year of togetherness.
To get things we have to evaluate our beliefs about certain things
Happiness is most important part of living,so be happy...........
The most terrifying reptile that made T-rex look like a baby at them. Read more to know more.
The Super Bowl statistics such as the biggest losers, biggest winners, highest point spread, highest points per game, most wins, most appearances, are fun to play around with and can suggest great trivia questions. By using some great statistical tables from which interesting facts c...
As We leave the past behind and step into the New Year - what do we take into the future with us ?
Her warmth is gone, and her light has faded, but the sun is still there, only shaded!
People donate blood for many reasons. The reasons ranges from saving a life to skipping class.
Background We all go through life with fixed ideas, notions, values, interpretations and formulated opinions, which color and distort every inch of our lives. We are unaware of it. Charlie Braxton McRoy exposes
Background Wilma Rae Downs, the 69 Year Old Mountain recluse, thinks she has pulled the last straw of resolution, in hopes of saving her home from total destruction by the "State". But, the darkest clouds form just before the dawn, or do they?
Background Charlie McRoy, enmeshed in a world of delusional fantasy; he longs to be back home, safe in a world he knows, loves, understands and can relate to. When will he ever be able to return? And, more importantly, will he be the same as when he left?
Background Charlie Braxton McRoy 13, battles with the ever evolving realms of internal and external madness he has inexplicably stumbled into. It all began with a simple desire which has led him into insurmountable difficulties of self-absorption.
Background Charlie Braxton McRoy finds himself in a most precarious situation. He can hardly move, since the weight of his feet has been plastered to a Castle floor by invisible forces, he has no way of controlling. A Genuine Red & White Sand Blaster, his one desire
Background Charlie Braxton McRoy 13, in route to obtain his one obsessive desire: a genuine Red & White SandBlaster located in Fleming's Sport Shop. The sale of a mysterious bracelet will enable him to purchase his long cherished dream. So what's the problem?
Our faith is much more precious than that of gold that will eventually perish, and that the end we seek through such trial the narrow way, which leads to the finding of praise, and glory at the appearing of Jesus Christ.
Every year we wish each other a happy New Year, but for how many is it truly a happy year? People die, people get sick, accidents happen, jobs are lost and every days brings new experiences. What will 2011 be like?
This article will give us some details on the number of days we take off work during the year 2010 by applying the four basic operations of Mathematics - addition, subtraction, division and multiplication.
Exact age for me means the exact number of years, the exact number of months and the exact number of days of my life in this planet. Our knowledge in Mathematics will be applied here to compute our exact age. It maybe by applying addition, subtraction, multiplication and division.
A poem off of the Wednesday prompt on Poetic Asides. A poem about receipt which also can mean receiving something.
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