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This article is about the Yoga Positions For Beginners. If you want to learn the yoga positions for beginners, you can learn it at home or at Easily school Where yoga is taught. Some basic yoga positions for beginners include standing poses, seated poses, forward and backward bends, b...
get good health through naturopathy.i will publish here small home remedies,tips for good health,yogic management.get benefit of that my dear friends
This page is the first in a series of articles detailing the practice of yoga, as I see it. It is intended to present the art of yoga from the perspective of a unconventional practitioner rather than a proponent of a particular style or tradition. The ideas expressed in these articles...
"Yoga" is a very popular word all over the world. People usually practice yoga not only with the intention to defend against the diseases but to know the spiritual world which will provide the ultimate peace, prosperity in life.
Yoga can help you control your weight more effectively. Many a times the glands associated with weight control become sluggish in our body. Yoga helps by stimulating these sluggish glands, especially the Thyroid gland.
Yogasana improve sexual health in men by improving blood supply to genitals and by strengthening pelvic muscles, which play an important role during sexual intercourse.
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