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Five year old making history as the world's youngest mother.
Each year, you may love to use the summer vacation to make a family trip to enjoy the hot season together. This year, you and your spouse may have welcomed a new little member into your family and you are not sure if you can still bring this little person to travel around with you. We...
We all dream...that is a given. Probably as young children we were given the keys to journey into the magical realms of light but then the veil of forgetfulness dropped when we were around 6 and now we have to find those who can help us find the magic again. This is all about it.
Gone But Not Forgotten is about my Great Uncle who planted an apple tree seed when he was but a boy, and about the trees feelings when she knew he'd gone forever
Charlie McRoy has an obsession. He wants a genuine Red and White Sandblaster more than anything in the whole wide world. Tow problems prevent him from getting his wish. He's only 13 and he has no money. Life has a way of giving us what we truly want but at what cost?
Background Charlie McRoy, enmeshed in a world of delusional fantasy; he longs to be back home, safe in a world he knows, loves, understands and can relate to. When will he ever be able to return? And, more importantly, will he be the same as when he left?
Background Charlie Braxton McRoy 13, in route to obtain his one obsessive desire: a genuine Red & White SandBlaster located in Fleming's Sport Shop. The sale of a mysterious bracelet will enable him to purchase his long cherished dream. So what's the problem?
This is a short story about the last time I ever saw my grandfather.
A couple decided to adopt a child after being married for several years and not having any issues of their own.
Third World countries speak a lot about eradicating this treacherous disease but little is seen on the ground.
Read with an open mind and review what you read carefully.
A unique experience when you are pregnant for the first time. Mothers reading this article I am sure will agree with me.
The thrill of smoking your first cigarette needs to be experienced.
A series of short stories i wrote for the Juvenile and the youth. The stories have an African background and very interesting as well as educative to both the young and the old.
Do your kids also call you Sunday uncle? They will soon call you in case you are seen only on Sundays.
I've been a youth worker for years and it's always a nightmare when you get left with a group of random kids and nothing prepared to do. Many people crumble in this situation but really there are loads of ideas. Here are five tried and tested activities that won't take hours of prepar...
Poem about a young child and how a visit from an Angel made the nightmares disappear
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