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And wispy smoke that so gracefully curled Above the green young elms; to a sky If peace can be found in this fragile world The humble man might find hope here
After Alexander's departure for Sindh, the people of Punjab rose in rebellion under Chandragupta leadership and killed their Greek governors. Chandragupta then raised an army there and used it to attack Magadha and conquered it.
A little prose poem about a young man who wanted to see the world.
On 7 May 2014(1), Linda Rottenberg gave a talk at Stanford University. The Harvard University and Yale Law School graduate turned CEO(2) was there “on the eve of the launch of her new book (…) called 'Crazy is a compliment' ”(3). The piece has been available since October 2014....
When I was in my early teens I worked summers on my Brother-in-lays ranch. West of the house was an straw thatched horse corral. The problem with a thatched roof is that the birds like tunneling through the thatch to build their nests in the coolness of the thickest parts, letting th...
He was hiding behind a mask of toughness, just to disguise a soul hurt by the pain of a bitter past.
He was only a young man living inside a prision made of fear, but he wàs able to find the light his heart longed for
A young man did something that changed his once dark outlook on life; he fell very hard in love.
This is a poem about life and love in the awkward years when every flower was beautiful and every act a sin.
Yes, he was standing alone on the middle of nowhere, and yet, the young man felt happier than ever.
This is a short story about a young man named Kylie, and how writing stories about beautiful lands helped him to rise above hate.
As a parent, it is HARD to let our children grow up. It is a time of confusion and misunderstandings. On OUR part as well as theirs! As a young adult, it is difficult to explain your actions to your parents!
For the first time I have heard youtube music and composed these few... Hope some one will make a youtube of this too ..How about you, Mariah will you?
Hello young ones..What young women should know is how to safeguard themselves ..also young guys should be aware.
Discussion of famous celebrities who are cougars. How I became a certified cougar! The advantages and disadvantages of May - December relationships. How people view this whole cougar thing!
Everything about water.Is healthy or not?And if its not healthy,why not.How can we make it healthy.
A young boy Djordie Balac started cutting and making incredible models of Industrial vehicles with match sticks.
This poem is a return gift for a poet who appreciated mine so much
Explores what being means, and in partcular how aging makes people feel. Also expores the philosophies of growing old, and the different ways of looking at growing old and the different reactions to it and also how to deal with the prospect of growing old
This page is about social sites and youngsters. Most of the youngsters are misusing the social sites
Navigating the hostile terrain of a cocktail party among the upper class
This article is about the new technology items which spoils the youngsters. Our young generation is very much addicted with TV and other tech items and forget about their studies
Gone But Not Forgotten is about my Great Uncle who planted an apple tree seed when he was but a boy, and about the trees feelings when she knew he'd gone forever
Short yarn about a three legged haggis. Would suite people who like the impossible.
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