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"We all love to win, but who loves to train?" said Mark Spitz, the multi-gold medal Olympic swimming winner before Michael Phelps. That is the truth, and the goal may look daunting at the very beginning. But, in all honesty, if the goal is what you genuinely want, even the "hard proce...
Poetry comes pretty close to representing the language of God's love at times. Its hidden messages are often written in the silence between the lines. Here are some recent poems of mine about God's language, love, and laughter.
This article discusses all parts of us, including our personality, our body, our mind, and our consciousness, in relation to where they might exist within the reality of God's oneness. The writer asks questions, and asserts here that it takes the asking of questions to un-earth the t...
Your belief be yours..Life should not be ditto See foryourself how times change and then live your own way of life.
This poem speaks about the love of two friends how they are missing each other, but eaven they sapports each other through their messages.
Your Love for her..We all know this lovely lover poet Bechoo You have read him tooA true lover he
We are admonished in our Creator's Book of Life and Love to take the time to hide the Word of God in our hearts because that enables us to think right and act right.
To remove perceptual and conceptual blocks to creativity and programme your mind to perceive and develop ideas into innovations.
Are you living all possibilities? You mind is so powerful and capable of taking us anywhere we perceive, yet all too often we place limits on our capabilities when we should not. The brain is more than a mechanism that enables us to move and we should treat it with the respect it dese...
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