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"We all love to win, but who loves to train?" said Mark Spitz, the multi-gold medal Olympic swimming winner before Michael Phelps. That is the truth, and the goal may look daunting at the very beginning. But, in all honesty, if the goal is what you genuinely want, even the "hard proce...
Your belief be yours..Life should not be ditto See foryourself how times change and then live your own way of life.
We are admonished in our Creator's Book of Life and Love to take the time to hide the Word of God in our hearts because that enables us to think right and act right.
Having declared September a month of learning it is important to question what we have learned so far this month. The importance of learning cannot be understated. We should always be question what more can be learned, because there is always something more we can come to grips with.
Are you prepared for the challenge ahead? You need to be if you want to bring you vision, your goals, your desires through to success. What is your next step? Think it through and come up with a plan.
Are you motivated? This is a question we should be asking ourselves regularly. If you are not motivated then how can you be achieving success? Motivation is a key to so much in life.
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