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"We all love to win, but who loves to train?" said Mark Spitz, the multi-gold medal Olympic swimming winner before Michael Phelps. That is the truth, and the goal may look daunting at the very beginning. But, in all honesty, if the goal is what you genuinely want, even the "hard proce...
Your belief be yours..Life should not be ditto See foryourself how times change and then live your own way of life.
Your Love for her..We all know this lovely lover poet Bechoo You have read him tooA true lover he
This is a poem about you being you, thats its okay to feel like an outsider and to not go along with popular opinion.
Have you ever taken on a task that is too big? Well your ego is at play here pushing you to new horizons. Trouble is your ego can reach out just a little too far. It therefore needs to be managed, in order to inspire you to greatness.
Everyone one day will find their True Self, the One we all have searched for. As is read: To Thine Own Self Be True. Going through the trials and tribulations, joys and happiness that are all part of each expression in the classroom of life.
You want to write but can’t just write when it comes to actually writing! That’s really embarrassing! Well, we all speak somehow, but we hesitate to write the same words just spoken. In fact, its easy to write what we speak.
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