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Late last year, the firm launched the first ever digital system in Kenya that has shaken the local taxi industry.
Return me my youth When youth returns my poem prompted by you do read All living is fun
My garden of youth we all come like buds then we bd then flower then some say what garden of youth wow 'twas and 'twis
This is a revolutionary poem for the Youths on how to harness their enormous energy and bring a change to this great country.
I read a story of another teenager stabbed to death in the city of London, the boy who was doing his A levels and worked parttime, was stabbed at a party he attended on staurday night, accorrding to reports a fight broke out and he was stabbed by unknown people/person. Another sensel...
The Mancharians challenge the conventional wisdom that what parents teach their children with their kind of rearing-methods is the correct manner of doing it. It is not their version of the truth that they should pass on to their children...unless it is one of eternal and universal l...
A special drive by the Students of two schools in Ludhiana city to remove huge filth at Sutlej for forth coming commemoration festival
Who would be turning or has turned 30 this 2012? Are you excited when you turned 30 or are you afraid of turning 30?
Another effort to show how the 'Youth' of a nation has been mystified by this 'Phony Engineer' tag they are dragging themselves with.
Do you face problems. Do you think that taking your own life is the only way out? Or do you someone who is having problems in the life that they have begun to question if their problems can only be solved by dying. Direct them to this article.
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