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ZIP is a popular file format, used by many in downloads and file transfers. Since the 1980s, and especially with the advent of GUI, the ZIP file has become increasingly used by computer users the world over.
Its been about five months since I visited my beloved wikinut family. Sorry about that. Work and struggles to go up the food chain has not allowed me such luxury, but anyway, I'm here now and as always I've never forgotten or forsaken the family. So let's get back to business, shall ...
Zip and RAR is one type of encryption that will decrease the size of zipped content.
This are the top rated in order my me and their usage around the global, all are rated best in their field of compression.
How to remove the text editor, Vim, from Windows and Unix.
A review and comparrison of five of the Internet's best compression tools.
The wonder of the common trouser zip..A true innovation when it first came to light...but oh how embarrassing when it all goes wrong....I am so sure that there are guys out there that could relate to this....hahaha...
This articles provides information about the best compression tools which can be used to save space.
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