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This piece of art poetry as you may call it , was given as a challenge to me by a Librite gal.She fed words and to do poetic justice i added a few .It was tough !
The love relationship between Aries and Gemini is a total union, both physically and mentally. Always busy in various activities, these two signs do not lose heart even in the face of complicated situations. The great communication that exists among them is the fact that these two sig...
The love relationship between Aries and Aquarius sees the combination of the power of perception with the resourcefulness of Aquarius Aries. Often competing with each other, Aquarius and Aries will never give birth to a report monotonous and mundane.
The love relationship between Aries and Capricorn is characterized by differences between the two actors, who must work hard if they want to keep the relationship alive. Their way of dealing with things is completely opposite: Aries acts impulsively without thinking of the consequence...
The love relationship between Aries and Leo is extremely dynamic and vital, since we are faced with two signs of Fire. Always competing with each other, Aries and Leo will fight above all to determine who is to be staying at the controls.
The love relationship between Aries and Libra is strongly influenced by the position that these two antithetical signs deal in the scheme of the Zodiac. Each has what the other lacks, and this provides a strong balance to the report.
The love relationship between Aries and Sagittarius is the perfect union of two very compatible with each other, which, besides sharing the same interests, are also united by a strong enthusiasm for life.
The love relationship between Aries and Virgo, seen in a superficial way may seem destined not to last long, because of the enormous differences that exist between these two signs.
The typical case of attraction between opposites is the love bond that unites the sign of Aries, lively and precipitous than that of Cancer, calm and sensitive. Certainly the Aries has some sensitivity but, unlike that of their partner is manifested in very aggressively.
Will certainly have to struggle a bit ‘this month but due to the contrast between the two strongest planets, Mars and Venus, everything is made more interesting and you certainly do not bore you with such a sky that is longing to some of your move!
You will be an effervescent aspirin as this month, and all thanks to a spirit found. You've also regained a lot more safe, thanks to the fact that everything is going well. If they want to continue you need to keep on the same wavelength!
New in sight but only for the more daring ones who will not be afraid of the face certainly some discussion with your family or your partner, especially if what you want to achieve is a general improvement in the situation of all!
I could not hold and combines one after the other, especially not be able to hold her tongue, and this will result in many situations to be solved! You are a little exaggerated when you put something in his head!
You will make a lot of the naughty happen this month then some discussion but also some lies will run to you. Perhaps with good intentions, or perhaps to mask mischief! You will be unstoppable!
Surely we will show you the most serene and quiet compared to everything around you and that you will always start with something extra. However you should also look for honesty and loyalty among the qualities that belong to you and put them into practice!
If you have had some small problems with irritability in recent months, well, the month of April will wipe out all the long faces and at least that will give you peace of mind you need to tackle anything with a smile!
What is there is always so do not miss the resourcefulness of ideas, with lots of adventures this month in which you, among other things, an opportunity to relax and think of something yourself, which is exclusively yours and the result of your mind!
Surely you can not complain in this stretch of paradise where you will find, not only because it is your month of April, but decided to give it to you because everyone has won and give you unexpected emotions so special!
Relax in this month and think about anything but the issues that have held a grudge with so far. Long live love and what he can bring, especially what he can to entertain you!
Since ancient times, has been recognized the usefulness of the proximity of the individual minerals or gems as a methodology to improve the physical or mental individual himself.
Since ancient times, has been recognized the usefulness of the proximity of the individual minerals or gems as a methodology to improve the physical or mental individual himself. A branch of astrology deals with what are the stones most effective to eliminate weaknesses and enhance th...
Poof.... Suddenly there is a new zodiac sign? WOW how did that go unnoticed for like 1000 yrs or so? Here is what I think and I would also like to hear any comments from viewers on what you think!
Sometimes, in life, human beings are known to invoke selective hearing. We block out what we don't want to listen to and misinterpret the rest.
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