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This is a true story of a rather disturbing event that happened to me at a grocery store. It might make you roll your eyes, but is a great example of mindless customer service and how some cashiers become zombie like in their actions.
This article will talk about the monsters that we actually believed in at childhood. Or maybe just up to this day.
More images per second worse distance representation: Techland update for Dying Light reduces the visibility and relieves the processor. On the PC, the zombie game still looks better than on the consoles where the Playstation 4 has advantages.
With Halloween just a few days away I thought it would be fun to share a little collection of cool Halloween cocktail recipes with you all. All these recipes are dead easy to mix and taste fantastic.
There's a viral news about the Ebola Virus Victim who just passed away and rises from the dead but that news is absolutely FAKE.
Started as a blogspot online story on August 2008 and discovered by Draco Publisher, that released it as a book series on December 2011, Dead Land is the debut novel of Tiago Toy. Infected, drama, horror, action, blood and parkour. Is all here. Came with me and I show you.
Meet the hero blessed with incredible strength, enhanced endurance and no matter the injury, has the ability to heal fast but whether there is fame or fortune attached, this superman doesn’t want to be a hero.
We don't know when zombie apocalypse will occur but perhaps some people wants to anticipate it and prepare for the apocalypse like buying Hyundai zombie survival vehicle.
Sometimes it's hard to tell the mortals from the undead when Halloween comes around.
Is new artwork from Hollywood or just another movie with zombies?
The zombie apocalypse is the latest rave in horror. Zombies are an Internet sensation, they have several movies and books about them, and they are watched on TV. There are only two zombie shows currently, but you can bet there will be more as the zombie craze continues. The Walking De...
During the latest hurricane that threatened to raze my city I taped up my windows and sat to enjoy some movies that had been sitting on a shelf waiting for such a day where I would be a captive audience. among the movies on said shelf were "The Road" and "I Am Legend" Between the movi...
A short stories from a zombie's point of view. I know my name used to be Rita.
This short story is about a witch that escaped the Salem witch hunts,and came back to our world hundreds of years later.The zombie she created out of her witchcraft obeys her commands killing ,and terrifying many. Taking little Linda Smith as there next victim.
Mona Lisa - A Painting associated with eternal beauty and its smile has puzzled everyone. Can The mystery behind a beautiful portrait be so scary and dark as to scare you to Death. Read this horror story but at your Own Risk
This article is base on a short story I started to write. The story is about a fictional scenario about the Apocalypse.
Details on how to unlock special background music for Kino Der Toten map by activation three stones.
Der Riese is the fourth zombie map which was first featured in World At War and made a return in the zombie mode of Black Ops. Der Riese is also known as the Zombie Factory which holds many secrets about the origin of the zombies. One of the most revealing Der Riese secrets is the set...
My first Horror Story- Loosely Based on True events which happened in our Hostel
Using my state-of-the-art zombie detection skills, honed by watching numerous films, I will conclusively prove in this good-humoured, work-in-progress article that Michelle Bachmann is a flesh-eating (or at least poll-eating) zombie.
“ I’ve always liked the monster within idea, I like the Zombies being us, it’s like, Zombies are the blue collar monsters.” George A. Romero.
Recipe for how to mix a killer zombie cocktail, which packs a serious punch.
Have you come up with a perfect plan to insure that the monsters would not get you? This is the plan developed at 6-yrs-old to escape from Godzilla. Although slightly modified as I aged, the plan is basically the same. There are more monsters that have inspired others to create cont...
The continuing story of one mans life after the zombie apocalypse.
Whatever you do in life, dont annoy a zombie. You will regret it, but you probably wont live.
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