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8 Signs on Why the Zombie Apocalypse Could Happen...BECAUSE THE BIBLE SAYS SO!
I just love Kevin James, but I don't necessarily think he is the greatest actor. I have included his series, the "King of Queens" and his movie, "I Now Pronounce You Chuck and Larry," in this review. I also threw in a bit of Will Smith.
The remaining members of the rock band The Zombies have reunited for a tour...and a US first...this fall.
Maybe it can no longer count how many photos were captured by the team of Google Street View and it was launched in the last 2007 till nowadays.
A zombie apocalypse may not be on your list of things to worry about but, maybe it should. This is just a small list of things I think would be essential for survival of such an event and hope for the future.
Started as a blogspot online story on August 2008 and discovered by Draco Publisher, that released it as a book series on December 2011, Dead Land is the debut novel of Tiago Toy. Infected, drama, horror, action, blood and parkour. Is all here. Came with me and I show you.
Zombies are everywhere in pop culture and can't be avoided even if you want to. This article is my perspective into some of the reasons that Zombie Culture is so infectious.
Is new artwork from Hollywood or just another movie with zombies?
"Ah, finally, you have come. We have been expecting you, Ghoul Headmaster; please follow me to your room." And at the same time, there was a distant sound of a light switch as it came on from that same window.
'Oh my GOD! means. It wasn't a nightmare. I...I really was attacked and bitten by a zombie!!'
'Hello, Mike, how...' Suddenly, her words were cut as the line was cut abrubtly. At the same time, the door bell sounded. She turned off the kettle and made her way into the hall to open it. There was an eye piece on the door and she stared through it. 'There's no one there.' She tu...
'Why are you slowing down?' Asked Mike, his eyes still on the tablet. Again, there was no response. Butthe moment he raised his head up and looked at the glass in front, he noticed that the driver's eyes hadturned a scarlet red and from out his mouth, live worms were emerging.
Mike sighed and sat at the kitchen table. He loved Nancy alot and was concerned about her obsession with the old derelict high school. She would not ever talk about it openly. It was as if she was keeping something from him, some dark secret about what was there down below, or worst s...
“Welcome to Zombie-Island. Tiara. Food...take.” She placed the tray rather clumsily on the ground and suddenly vanished into thin air.
Just a little story, thought would be cool. The Walking Dead series, my own little Episode
Personal point of view's of the unknowing events that will lead up to a Zombie attack.
Introduction to a new way the viral disease spreads. Introduction of different characters.
I just finish watching "WARM BODIES" which touched my heart and gave me butterflies in my tummy. So, i've decided to make a review about it.
My very first satire poem that I wrote in the month of August. Comments are open.
Zombies were spotted in Mobile Alabama, Florida, Miami, Texas, New Jersey, and Maryland.
review of the walking dead game on Facebook and why you should play it for yourself to find out!
The future of our country may very well pivot on the election in November. Many believe if we don’t change course a derailment is imminent and a train wreck is unavoidable. We have but few options to avoid catastrophe.
Mona Lisa - A Painting associated with eternal beauty and its smile has puzzled everyone. Can The mystery behind a beautiful portrait be so scary and dark as to scare you to Death. Read this horror story but at your Own Risk
How to befriend Vampires so as to gain control over the Zombies that follow them.
This article is base on a short story I started to write. The story is about a fictional scenario about the Apocalypse.
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