The “Extraordinary!” “Is Telepathy A Gift Or A Right?” (Mini-Series Part Four)

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Telepathy is a universal grid. As telepathic beings you are on the “grid” dear Ones, of Universal life support. – Uthrania Seila Sentana-Ries Cortez

Introduction to Telepathic Components

Futuristic, dear Ones? Naught so. You were not estranged from the vibrational sound, the music within and all around you, creating the spontaneous conjunction of your mind influxes to the base instinct of your growing soul compound upon the creation of your cells into beingness.

In other words, the "mind" is not the only base for telepathic waves
but rather just as spontaneously do the electrical vibrations=frequencies which are in themselves NOT music inhibitors but rather One in the same. Do you understand of we Ones here, little Ones? Let us read on shall we? - Uthrania Seila Sentana-Ries Cortez

The Spandex Reaction Keeps The Soul-Mind Most Agile

Telepathy is not as many seem to believe a series of brain waves which go from point A to point B.

Telepathy is a submergence
of energy=frequencies otherwise known as vibrations.

It is because of these ingrained vibrational frequencies being incubated and coursed through us since the incubation of our first atomic/molecular cells, that pure telepathy occurs and has always been there with each soul. Stymied at the onslaught of severe tampering with the DNA-Helix coding (Hielogram) by the Hellion forces of science and technology (space program) is the main criteria in what is preventing many from being themselves in full coordination of these facts.

Therein the altering of the coding through
medicinal means in “implanting” severe cellular destroying chemicals, and utilizing alloy synthesization such as aluminum dust particles at a hardly detectable sequence through “dusting,” conjointly the utilization of HAARP which works on vibrational altercations through alterations of frequency not only concludes this memorandum of epidemic brain control but also contributes to the most problematic shifting and destruction of the Original brain stem cells of the HUman soul no matter which present or future incarnational casing or body he or she resides within.

MUSIC Is First Born In The Soul Genes

One must understand here that the soul-body which “IS” the inner “complex” or “complexity” is the DNA Helix Original holder of all genes. When the soul moves into a denser body the soul then integrates the same DNA Helix combination of ALL cellular structure into the outer body or casing and when damage is done to the outer body the soul-body will indeed be affected and set out to repair itself. It’s success determined by the extent of damage done to itself.

How Is Telepathy Preserved?

In the coordinative effort in aligning both the energy hylinx “within” the frequencies of all dour arrangements, the piano keys of vibrations are all tuned through “space” reactors of a sort as a radio tower brings the vibrational frequencies through channels in its streaming or over-layers.

You see, dear Ones, telepathy is born of vibrations of sensory musical vibrations as sent forth by energy or light. So music and telepathy are one in the same; because like a tuning fork the range or frequencies are created and aligned in perfect harmonics throughout universal space, a "space" which is anything but void of sound of music and Lights born of pure energy! - Uthrania Seila Sentana-Ries Cortez

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