The “Extraordinary!” What Kind Of Music Exists On A Paradisiacal World? (Mini-Series Part Three)

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When we stray away from home the soul grows fonder not, for the implementation of all is drawn in a line of music sought. – Uthrania Seila Sentana-Ries Cortez

Introduction To Music In Paradise

Dear Ones, the soul, each soul structure, such as the helixes are ingrained with notes. These notes are charred cells of a sort, when the music of the universe, the sounds which enlighten the heart chakra with the temperate breeze of silence, you say? dulls its way inward into a vaste enclave and lies dormant to the inner hearing of a beautiful play.

But nay, no silence ever exists throughout the temporal world, and the universe so fraught with ingestion of another sort; space frequencies that do not belong there will surely take of the good and the wise to temper the over-drought bringing all majesty back into the world of worlds, each planet firmly nestled within the arms of the Universal Total with the music and the serenade of each wisp and light, for the music so embraced within each soul needs further cultivation, and the forested land upon each world duly will triple the most enlightening experience.

Welcome to Part Three of The “Extraordinary!” What Kind Of Music Exists On A Paradisaical World?

Now let us examine the universal and creationary structure of "Music in Our Souls" and how exactly did it get there and what indeed cultivated and nourished it?

We greet you this day, and now for our display headily listen, and listen up well, for it is only the music that is within each soul which you need not dispel! – Uthrania Seila Sentana-Ries Cortez

How Did Music First Enter Into Each Soul Structure?

Since The Inception Of Our Atomic/Molecular Creation we have had ingrained within each cellular structure that hylinx of “notes,” in order that each soul may better “tune-into” the vibrational frequencies of all that is around us.

You see, dear Ones, music was our first integrated universal language. We dealt in nothing more than vibrational frequencies which embedded and created the space within each atomic/molecular structure of each and every participating cell within our soul structure which is a symphony in itself not only tuning itself into receiving the vibrations and translating those vibrations into music, melody, and harmonics, but indeed, cultivating those always present sounds or frequencies flowing ever-present throughout the universe (for we began with One universe) and transmitting those sounds or frequencies into many different dialects as the events began to unfold, bringing new sounds to the majesty of the entire creationary body, each soul, each plant, each animal, and each new world within the segment of its own galaxy and universe, but that indeed is a story for another day.

Good Morning, Good Evening, and Good Night
for the rest of ye whose souls are so tired and weary that rest eludes you simply because the harmonics of the day were not simple and cultured, but rather the dramatic all too often takes the peace far away - Peace indeed you Ones need and peace be upon ye all! - Uthrania Seila Sentana-Ries Cortez

In The Beginning The Frequencies Were Pure

In the beginning the frequencies were pure and were integrated into each cell of each atomic/molecular energy which concretely formed into plasma and of that plasma did the frequency levels working at many different “notes” or “ranges” beginning with One in design begin to multiply into more “strains” or dialects of sound such as the strings of a guitar, the lute into the cello, and the flute, clarinet, orchestrating itself well past the principle of that which was first integrated and begun.

– Uthrania Seila Sentana-Ries Cortez

Learn therein, dear Ones, and as you learn you will come to finally realize that "sin" and "blood sacrifice" have no dealings within a universe based upon universal principle of enlightenment. Each Christed One or One with the Universal Understanding will call upon each soul to Think, to Understand, and to Live and to Learn Universal reality and principle, for each soul has a journey to fulfill and noone else can or is going to do it for him, or her. In this wise will each one work out their own karma or salvation. But a provision is made for both which does NOT consist of bodily sacrifice on a CROSS. Those are the words of the Hellions who divide the humans by guage of religions therein precipitating wars upon wars toward their own ill-conceived Power-Base.

Music Of Temperance and Happiness has been engrained or calibrated within each soul structure and thus created didst each of you become. In fact, dear Ones, these frequencies are exactly the “instrument” in forming your souls from the inside out.

The “energy” brought these frequencies throughout the universe, a bit at a time, in one place then another, until all instrument of frequencies joined in the Oneness of harmonics and spread throughout the universe and its temporal regions.

The First Spirit Lamp

As the soul needed the electrical current which was just minuscule at the time, to jump-start the vibrational frequencies one by one which in turn created the minutest cellular structure of atomic/molecular plasma, which in itself contained the male/female hormone in a yin yang position, this electrical current was what you might define as a spirit lamp and no more.

Therein this energy which developed
the frequencies into a jump-start began to permeate throughout each cellular structure jump-starting it when it became dry and unencumbant, and began to shrivel up as dried leaves upon a full autumn day.

When Does "Life" Enter Into A Child Born Of The Woman Of The Flesh, Blood, And Water?

As each atomic/molecular cell structure formed over the events of their incubation a babe in full format of that which you understand to be Human, was born.

But when did life actually enter into the child?

During the time of the womb or after the time of the child’s entry into his or her new incarnation?

Neither, for the child first began his/her dual incubation at his/her very beginning of the atomic/molecular inception when the “energy” touched the “earth” or solid part of each particle which was not yet formed, and brought about the frequencies which then routed the energy toward forming the plasmid cell and then another creation began of the same stance, and then another, and another; all of this in simultaneous fashion, “the energy” kick-starting the first cell just as the silent child just delivered of it’s mother’s womb receives an electric charge from the hand of the deliverer, for we are electrical frequencies and for that purpose of our beingness do we bring life to the lifeless and serve as “spirit lamps” to each new life.

Harmonics Precipitated The New Birth Of Each And Every Atomic/Molecular Cell

So harmony grew in you, each one, for since the very inception of your presentation even before each of you were created into One cellular structure, the harmonics which are the vibrations which strengthened into frequencies and were kick-started by the electrical energies were the event whereby each of ye souls began. - Uthrania Seila Sentana-Ries Cortez

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