The psychology of school shooters: The Montreal experience Part 5

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This series will deal with some of the questions and answers concerning why some people become lone gunmen and take it upon themselves to go out and shoot innocent school children or college and university students.


I walked by Dawson College that night on my way to the synagogue as I had done hundred's of times before. I got off the bus and started to walk up the hill by the College. It should have been routine, it should have been an ordinary evening; it should have been simply a time to think about the myriad of things that are going on in my life as I made the familiar weekly trek. Instead this journey was not about me and the happenings in my personal world. It was about the world of Dawson College, the very same college I attended in the 1970's.

Reaction from Montreal Families to the Dawson College Shootings

Reaction from Montreal Families to the Dawson College Shootings

The families of all the victims who were shot by a madman were in shock but they are also angry. There was a public outcry in Quebec for stricter gun control. Based on the fact that the then current federal administration was thinking of banning the proposed gun registry law.

The initial report

At first the police were looking for three possible gunmen. Later it was determined by Montreal Police Chief Yvan Delorme that there was only one shooter. The shooter had three weapons, one of them was a semi-automatic carbine.

What caused this 25 year old gunman to go off on his murderous rampage? We will never know. At first it believed that Kimveer Gill was killed by a Montreal police officer Denis Côté, while trying to flee the scene. It was later confirmed during the autopsy that Kimveer Gill was shot in the arm and then turned his own gun on himself. The police found the gunman's black Pontiac Sunfire, parked close to the school, and later searched the house where he lived with his parents, removing a computer and other belongings. It was also confirmed that this same Pontiac Sunfire was parked at Dawson as much as a month before the shooting. The autopsy report revealed that the murders were premeditated, a suicide note was found on his body.

Licensed gunman

The ironic part of all this is that the gunman, 25 year old Kimveer Gill, had passed the government safety tests and was a licensed gun owner. He was also a member of two different gun clubs here in Quebec.

Marco Pendenza, an employer at one of the gun clubs stated "Belonging to a gun club doesn't make you a criminal," Pendenza added. "You can't control someone going nuts."

What makes a person like Kimveer Gill into a murderer? What would send him over the edge? The neighbours reported that Kimveer was a loner. Even the parents of Kimveer Gill could not answer that question. They too were shocked that he would do such a thing. They told the police that he lived in secrecy and they had no knowledge of his private life. In the house search the police found, firearms, manuals and two letters, one praising the Columbine killers and the other, an apology note to his parents.

To be continued

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author avatar Kingwell
11th Apr 2015 (#)

I think we need more gun control in Canada. Blessings.

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author avatar Carol Roach
12th Apr 2015 (#)

we have very little violence with guns in Canada which has always been one of the safest countries in the world. Gun control is very strict here, but t here will always be people who get by the system

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