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Friends are something everyone needs but there are friends that do more harm than good. These friends are toxic. How do you know when supposedly well meaning friends are actually toxic?

Support Systems

Whether you realize it or not unless you are in the middle of wilderness fending for yourself with only your wits and your weapon you have a support system. These systems do not look the same as they have in the past but they are still there none the less. Family, friends, co-workers and casual acquaintances all make up your support system.

Family Members - Family that you are born with or that you have chosen can do a great deal to help you with the problems that arise from day to day. When friends become close enough to be included in the family circle when they love you enough to take you as you are. We sometimes let this circle grow without our knowledge and only realize our mistake when it is too late. We have been betrayed.

Best Friends and Toxic Friends

Best Friends These are the ones that are always there for with a hand to lend expecting nothing in return. They know you will be there when the time comes. Your secrets are safe with them, they respect your beliefs and refuse to put your life in the rumor mill. There are the friends that you seek out in order to spend time with them.

Toxic Friends- Everyone has them and they are best relocated to the category of enemy as they will attempt to destroy you. These are the friends that only call if they need something, assuming that just because you answer you will do whatever they require done. They talk as if the "yes" has already been said and when it is a "no" they continue in the efforts to talk you into it acting as if it is actually a favor to you to allow you to do a favor to them.

Beg and Borrow They pester you until you give into whatever they are lacking simply to get them to go away and leave you in peace. These "borrowed" items are usually never seen again especially when money is the item in question. When the favor involves doing something such as giving them a ride to the extent you feel as if "taxi" should adorn your vehicle there is never an offer of pitching in for gas or repaying your kindness in anyway.

Repayment On the rare occasions that toxic friends do bother with the guise of repayment they find a way to try and turn it into you owing them by the time they are done. Every ten favors you do for them equals half a favor that they owe you in their mind. If they can cause you a problem while you are being kind that is what they do.

Big Mouths

The best friend keeps your secrets where discretion is not a word the toxic friend finds familiar. They are the ones that tell all regardless of whether it is their business to tell. The observations they make are based on a tiny bit of knowledge such as your name and maybe who you with, the rest is out of their head. The extent of listening they do is limited to the first word or two before they interrupt to voice the very wrong conclusion they have come to. There is no shutting them up and the rumor mill has begun.

It is best to identify, distance and eliminate toxic friends from your life. The longer they are near you the worse off you will become as they slowly destroy everything that is dear to you.


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5th Dec 2011 (#)

that was one wonderful piece of writing, ma'am!!

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7th Dec 2011 (#)

Very well said!

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8th Dec 2011 (#)

Interesting. Thanks Laurie.

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8th Dec 2011 (#)

thanks guys!

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