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Are words alone enough? Not really when it comes to such a visual medium as the Internet, we tantalize all of our senses through the web so it is vital that a writer brings more than words to the page, they need to consider at a minimum the visual aspects of their presentation.

Various Approaches

When you read on-line articles it is true that there are many different writers that prefer many different approaches some love the use of pictures, while others will stay away, almost as if they are afraid of how images will distort what they have to say.

Take a look an any item of writer Denise O's work and you will always see pictures used in order to make a point, most of which are her own. Delicia Powers provides us with a unique mixture of poetry by Delicia and photos by he husband Mike - this combination works particularly well and wins Delicia many, well deserved, star pages for her poetry. Writer Carol may have a love for Formula One racer Lewis Hamilton, but she also gives extra zest to short stories by the use of pictures, for her the picture is about setting the mood and honestly mood means so much to the reader.

Not to let the ladies rule the roost it should be noted that there are plenty of men that also know how to use an image to boost the value of their articles, Steve Kinsman provides ample social commentary, irrespective of whether you agree or disagree with Mr Kinsman's views and to cross the political divide another writer will, unless he lets his ire reign, actually illustrates his work to demonstrate his point through words and pictures, this is Jerry Walch. Also Tranquilpen is not afraid to take on dry subjects, but make them more readable through the application of illustrations and pictures.

There are many other authors that always make use of images to enhance their work, but it is not possible to publish an extensive list here. Yet at the other end of the spectrum there are all too many writers who never add a single image and no matter how you look at it their presentations are left needing something, no matter how powerful the words used are.

Travel Pages

How many times have you seen pages telling us all about some exotic destination, well let us say that it is exotic to the majority of the readers, and in this case it is vitally important that the readers see the sights that the writer holds in their memories, it is at this point that a picture adds vital value to the words used, perhaps it should be considered mandatory to include pictures for travel articles. Let's say that you are writing about either the Taj Mahal or the Grand Canyon then please provide full, life-size, picture that will help the reader understand the beauty of the area being described.

BUT - Please no family!

People love to take pictures of themselves and their family at beauty spots in the world, these are great for remembering, but at the same time a little sad because there is always one person missing; the photographer. You can show these photographs to your friends and family but please, please believe me when I say that they do not enhance your writing because Joe Public wants to see the place and not your family; they are possibly assessing the location as a future vacation destination, or maybe they are taking in the beauty of this great world of ours, vicariously, through their computer screen.


You have something that is great tasting to tell us all about and that is great but a list of ingredients and the how to make the delicious dish are for nothing if we are unable at the very least to see the finished product. One of the biggest challenges of the technology behind the TV or the computer screen is that it does not come with an ability to smell or taste, so we have to use the other senses in order to see what is created. This is where visual images help to fill that gap, it is about providing the reader with the best possible understanding of everything the recipe has to offer.

Additionally a video can help, perhaps the best approach with recipes is to provide the ingredients and the method in writing and accompany this with a video that physically demonstrates everything that was described in the writing, then it is possible to see the ingredients take shape into the finished product.

For good measure take a look at this recipe for delicious shortbread biscuits that I found on YouTube, doesn't this provide a real sense of something that goes beyond mere words? It could be argued that it does something for the taste-buds as well.

Theoretical Items

Theoretical articles are very similar to the next category, dry articles, in that words must be used in order to to explain everything that must be said, they are dry because the concepts described are either complex or highly specialised, or potentially both. But think about this if an item is complex to describe then it must be broken down into manageable sections, each of which will describe the pro's and con's of the varying propositions being made. Of course along with the addition of new sections there is an opportunity to include diagrams, images, or pictures that demonstrate the point being made.

If you need to show statistics then include a table or graph that demonstrates the point being made perhaps much better than words alone. Because of the way that Wikinut works it is only possible to add a picture at the start of each section, it is best that you make the picture full size, and not like the thumbnail that I have included here, remember that you may only need to use a few words in the section to demonstrate your point before proceeding to the next image at the start of the new section - please also remember the title for each section should also enhance the whole article and not simply be repetitive of the last heading.

Dry Subject Matter

Dry material will be made lighter and more understandable by the inclusion of the right image, but it is the responsibility of the writer to try to lighten the load on behalf of the reader, it is like showing a picture of a man slipping on a banana skin when talking about the errors that people make - it says to the reader that you also have a heart.

Some Recent Articles

The following articles on a variety of subjects may interest you:

Thinking about making your own personal contribution? You should do something about it now! Your viewpoint is important! The first thing you could do is ADD a comment providing your own thoughts and feedback, which is always appreciated. Sometimes however your thoughts transcend the limits of a simple comment, then you need to make your own contribution of 300 words or more; perhaps penning your own article is more appropriate, well you can make your own views felt.

Join Wikinut today and have some fun telling the world about your views and how the world needs to change.


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author avatar C.D. Moore
24th Apr 2013 (#)

Useful article Peter.

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author avatar Shirley Shuler
24th Apr 2013 (#)

Thanks for the tips, Peter.

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author avatar Mark Gordon Brown
24th Apr 2013 (#)

Yes, travel articles are greatly improved with a picture. I will say recipes should have a picture too - one that proves you actually made it! Pet articles are best with pictures too, because everyone is a sucker for cute pet pictures!

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author avatar johnbee
24th Apr 2013 (#)


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author avatar LOVERME
24th Apr 2013 (#)

very interesting and true too

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author avatar Delicia Powers
24th Apr 2013 (#)

Pictures add excitement to an article- they are visual spice- and I am so proud and very grateful for Mike's photography ...I would love to see slide-shows by themselves being allowed- and let the pictures have there own voice,that too would be wonderful!-many thanks Peter:0)...

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author avatar cnwriter..carolina
24th Apr 2013 (#)

thank you for this Peter...

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author avatar AnnH
24th Apr 2013 (#)

Nice article with very strong and important points.

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author avatar Kingwell
24th Apr 2013 (#)

Good piece.

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author avatar Susan Jane
25th Apr 2013 (#)

Excellent article Peter. I will remember to put visuals into my next page.

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author avatar Ms. Ann
26th Apr 2013 (#)

Good information.

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author avatar Clarence Schreiber
8th May 2013 (#)

awesome article. I love to try to add pictures whenever I get a chance with my articles.

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author avatar Retired
15th May 2013 (#)

Great tip. Thanks.

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author avatar Connie McKinney
22nd May 2013 (#)

Good advice, Peter. I just joined the site a couple of weeks ago. I had no problem loading a profile picture but am having problems with pictures for articles. The minute I click on: add an image, it starts spinning and browsing in a continuous loop - even before I've clicked on an image. Can you help me? Thanks so much.

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author avatar Trillionaire
22nd Jun 2013 (#)

A very interesting article. Thank you for moderating my poem. Thank you very much.

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author avatar Tranquilpen
10th Apr 2017 (#)

Thank you Peter for a deeply appreciated mention dear friend.

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